Venn Accounts

Specialized donor-advised funds for PRIs
available only at Venn.

Two Flavors

Most donors choose a "Contribution Account," which is funded through donations or grants. Donors make recommendations to Venn Foundation about which PRIs to join, and any PRI returns go back into participating Venn Accounts for donors to redeploy in new PRIs or grant out.   Donors can never withdraw money from a Contribution Account.  

Venn Account Features.png

Charitable organizations that want to support Venn PRIs and then later get money and any return back into their own accounts have options for doing so.  Public charities with Venn Accounts may recommend that Venn make a grant distribution to their own organization.  Private foundations have the option of creating a "PRI Account," which they fund through a special PRI loan to Venn.  A Venn Account donor may also recommend a grant distribution to a donor-advised fund with another charitable organization.