Family Tree Clinic

For more than 45 years, Family Tree Clinic (FTC) has helped cultivate a healthy community through comprehensive sexual health care and education. Today, FTC serves over 22,000 people annually, with 56% of patients identifying as LGBTQ, 70% identifying as women, and 80% as low-income.

Within the next two years, FTC is planning to relocate its clinic and offices to a new neighborhood with significant need. It has identified several high-potential sites in the Twin Cities, and its current building is already under contract for sale.    Venn's PRI will help FTC meet a short-term financing gap of about $2 million while it raises permanent funds through a three-year, $5-6 million capital campaign. 

Family Tree Clinic Staff
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Family Tree Clinic Door

Recipient Name:  Family Tree Clinic
Corporate Form:  Minnesota Nonprofit 501(c)(3)
Leadership:  Alissa Light, Executive Director
Investment Sought:  $100k - $2 million
Amount Raised to Date:  $100,000
Overview of Investment Terms:

  • Unsecured loan

  • Simple interest accrues and is paid annually at 1%, 1%, 1%, 2%, and 2%, in Years 1-5 respectively.

  • Principal to be repaid in three balloon payments at end of Year 5.

What's Next?

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