Fair Anita

Fair Anita is a social enterprise all about empowering talented yet marginalized women from around the world through dignified jobs and fair trade relationships. The company partners with over 8,000 women artisans to design and create cute, ethical, and affordable products. The company then sells those products via its website, pop-up shops, and 500 retail partners in the US and Canada.  Incorporated in 2015, Fair Anita has already grown to nearly $500,000 in sales in 2018.

Venn’s below-market PRI financing will help Fair Anita buy more inventory from its partners at fair prices, continue paying its partners 100% up-front, and conduct additional marketing to drive demand.

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Joy McBrien (right) with Anita (left)

Joy McBrien (right) with Anita (left)

Recipient Name:  Fair Anita
Corporate Form:  Specific Benefit Corporation
Entrepreneur:  Joy McBrien, Founder & CEO
Investment Sought:  $80k - $300k
Overview of Investment Terms:

  • Unsecured loan

  • Years 1-4:  Annual interest-only payments; simple interest rate of 3%.

  • Principal to be repaid in two payments at end of Year 4.

  • 8-year warrant for 15% of PRI principal.

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What's Next?

  1. Learn more
    - Read the Fair Anita PRI Opportunity Overview.
    - Contact the company for additional materials and with questions. Joy McBrien can be reached at joy.mcbrien@gmail.com.
    - Read the Venn Donor FAQ.

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