FINNEGANS Community Fund


FINNEGANS Community Fund


Minneapolis, Minnesota

What is FINNEGANS Community Fund?
FINNEGANS Community Fund is a nonprofit public charity on a mission to alleviate hunger through sustainable, scalable and innovative methods and partnerships and to serve as a catalyst for social entrepreneurs to advance charitable purposes. FINNEGANS, SBC provides anchor support through in-kind contributions and by donating its profits. We are proud to put these resources to work supporting local produce for local food shelves.

Why did your organization decide to open a Venn Account?
Opening a Venn Account and supporting PRIs to startups furthering charitable impact through food hits every aspect of our mission statement. By definition, PRIs directly encourage entrepreneurs to design sustainable, scalable, and innovative business models that advance charitable purposes. In addition, by being among the early adopters of Venn Accounts, FINNEGANS Community Fund is leading by example and helping mobilize the entire ecosystem to provide more PRI risk capital to social entrepreneurs.

What is one Venn PRI you are proud to have supported and why?
FINNEGANS Community Fund is proud to be supporting Venn’s PRI to NetZro, SBC. The company’s innovative process turns food waste by-products into new products that can be sold profitably. Its first solution will turn spent grain from Twin Cities craft distilleries and breweries into up-cycled, low-carb, high-protein grain and flour. This initiative has the potential to divert many tons of spent grain away from landfills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create new high-value products from existing food waste rather than from new resources. We love it because NetZro is literally helping turn beer into food.

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